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Pinky here! I'm the owner and CEO of Pinky’s Closet. I’d like to say my love for fashion started from birth. I get questions all the time where I got started and how I got to where I am now. Well, Pinky has always been known for her love and passion for fashion. The love I have always had for fashion landed me in the fashion capital of the world NYC where my passion continued to fester. I paid attention to colors, textures, and blends not being afraid to push the limits with fashion. Always known for setting the trends, not following the trends. After later leaving NYC I found myself in Atlanta as a fashion consultant where I continued to soar doing what I do best: Dressing women. Pinky was such a natural with fashion she became number 2 in the US for sales. She continued to chase her dreams. She continued to be a trendsetter, she continued to stand out in the crowd. All the while Pinky always had a dream of opening a boutique, but not just any boutique; A mobile boutique. She again wanted to set the trend to always stand out, to always be different, so why not mobile. 

“I always wanted to bring great fashion to your doorstep with ease. So I decided to do what I always envisioned; A big pink school bus that I named Pinky’s Closet. I gutted her out and started my conversion: Now Pinky is an entire shopping experience in fashion.”

I have always been inspired by patterns, texture, and color. Things that are super cool and unique with a twist. Bright and colorful like my bus. I look at everything, every single piece, and think quickly. I either like it or I instantly don't. I pickout things that I would wear because that's why I started my own business. I wanted everything on my bus to be my own personal style.

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The creative director and owner of Pinky's Closet. Her love and passion for art and fashion will translate daily on all the items sold at Pinky's mobile and online!

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